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quisquilian's Journal

i slang in my white tee
13 July

my name is kiely. i'm about 15 years old. i live in carefree, arizona.

music: azure ray, bloc party, elefant, her space holiday, ladytron, ambulance ltd, volcano i'm still excited!!, metric, asleep in the sea, boys night out, the bravery, bright eyes, cat power, the crimea, fear before the march of flames, david bowie, death cab for cutie, the dresden dolls, elliott smith, beep beep, the faint, frou frou, grandaddy, head automatica, q and not u, hellogoodbye, iron and wine, louis XIV, minus the bear, of montreal, pavement, the new pornographers, ted leo & the pharmacists, the blood brothers, the postal service, radiohead, rainer maria, rooney, the shins, supertramp, the talking heads, the thermals, belle & sebastian, tilly & the wall, the unicorns, the number 12 looks like you, interpol, mates of state, autolux, vhs or beta, dem franchize boys, gravy train!!!!, my chemical romance

movies: scarface, pulp fiction, waiting for guffman, but i'm a cheerleader, welcome to the dollhouse, best in show, a mighty wind, harold & kumar go to whitecastle, lion king.

i like: going on walks, music, keyboards, acoustic guitar, photos, parties, friends, thrift stores, half off days at Goodwill, eating for free at Lund Cadillac, NEW LJ FRIENDS!!! ♥

my journal is friends only, but i'll most likely add you. :]

I do make all my own layouts & graphics. I probably won't make you one, unless I really like you. So just keep that in mind.

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bark bark bark, hottiezzz